Deejays Enforcement Agency

The Deejays Enforcement Agency (DEA)
is a Goa-Freaks.Com web law enforcement agency under
the Psychedelic Department of Justice , tasked with combating those Promoters, Party Organizations or Record Labels who deny the payments to Psychedelic Trance DJs, Artists, Performers, Decorators, VJs, Setup teams, etc.
Any of above mentioned who were cheated or having long term fee payment delays are welcome to inform us about this unpleasant and unfair cause by filling simple form on this page.

After our investigation and approval of the case, our agents will contact to those who "Play the Games" and inform them about the complain together with warning notification to resolve the problem within two weeks.

If it will be not done, those Human Law breaker’s names and all their web links and other contacts together with the best resolution photos will be revealed online to all Psychedelic World with our special warnings to avoid any contacts and specially business with them in the future and they will added forever in our "BLACK LIST"

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Report to D.E.A

Please, fill this simple form. After approval of the case we will do necessary actions to bring back the justice. All information is confidential. For DEA officers only.
Attach the Flyer and upload it to us
Size limit for each file is 100 MB