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Shaman - The Vision
The ancient shamans were mediators in their culture, communicating with the spirits on behalf of the community. We at Shaman believe fashion, music, visual arts and multi-media have a bigger influence on culture and people's behavior than the actual governments have.
'In Plants We Trust' - a plant is a healer plus a sacred opening, revered in ancient cultures and used ritualistically by the shaman or medicine man. If people can create an eco-friendly trend or even promote the existing green trend, we can succeed in preventing further degradation of our environment, as well as fueling the battle against unsustainable behavior, abuse of resources, pollution and general environmental havoc. Tapping into a modern day global consciousness is necessary in order to go back to a more genuine mentality. The world is changing and people around the globe are beginning to 'shine the light of consciousness' on their lives and actions. At Shaman we believe we can heal ourselves through correct diet & lifestyle including music and dance.
An appreciation for Earth / Nature, cultural awareness, tribal identity, individualism within your community, communication of creative ideas through clothing, music & multi-media, natural healing.
Happiness & balance with the body & the mind.
The Shaman Family
The Shaman family Team is the creators and the leading pioneers of the Electro Fashion and Electro Wear. This approach is made possible by extraordinary teamwork behind the scenes.
The Shaman family do not only consist of very talented fashion designers like Patrick zaffini from France or Agnes Caroline from Bali the main Fashion designer behind the lady collection but also included various talents in the following fields: art graphic, musicians, visual creator, DJs, VJs, events decorator, party organizer, software developer and web designer, all these young talented internationals come from Bali, India, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. Together they are creating the Shaman Generation, a definitive new global life style.
Shaman electro-wear is a fun and futuristic fashion style where creative French haute couture is mix with American Surplus, Japanese Anime / Harajuku, and Canadian street wear influence. The Shaman style can be described as electronic, colorful, cutting edge, dynamic, futuristic, tribal, unique. How do Shaman beliefs influence product design? We believe in stepping out of your comfort zone, not being afraid of standing out and making your mark with your own brand of modern tribal consciousness. You will not find anything in London, Mumbai , Paris ,Rio, New York or Tokyo that compares in its integrated design.
Why is Electro Fashion more Expensive?
We produce our fashion models in a very small quantity as we like to stay unique and limited edition.

Every piece is a totally new designed creation. Our garments are expertly tailored, hand crafted by skilled tailors.

We aim to exceed your expectations.

About our design

Our design are very elaborate , it take for the new Off road pants 3 days and a half in manufacturing process.
1 half days in cutting the pattern and 3 days in sewing.

We work with human not machines

We offer to our collaborators a Clean Professional and Friendly work environment.
Clothing prices are, in many cases, artificially low because big companies buy quantity over quality.

Say you're a newish designer, and you bring a dress to the factory and ask them to make 10 dresses. They might charge you $100 apiece, whereas if you want 1000, they might cost $20; that's because figuring out how to sew a new garment together is a complicated, challenging project
Unfortunately and perversely, the things that are best for you and the rest of the world are often more expensive than whatever's fast, cheap, and produce in huge quantity .
If you need any information or special design never hesitate to contact us .
Ecology-friendly brand
We are shaman certified that our man shirt fabrics is produce in ecology-friendly Factory, where:
  1. Raw materials do not contain chemicals harmful to the user.
  2. Products manufactured using environment friendly Processes.
  3. Products that are eventually safe for use and disposal.
Electronic Products
The 1-SeeTM G1 video headset from Shaman Electro is a price-point revolution for high-quality video eyewear. Hi-fi quality in-ear phones complement the rich video content supplied by your iPod, MP4 player, Video Equipped Mobile Phone, Games Console, Video Camera, TV Tuner, PC / Mac . Video headset, Personal Displays will soon be a dominant consumer item and Shaman Electro is committed to a future where they are as ubiquitous as the iPod is today.Multi-Media
Shaman Electro Records
Shaman Electro Records produce cutting edge music compilations of World Electronica. Other genres include Electro dance music with an international array of artists.
Shaman actively supports the Electro Arts by donating a part of the profits from clothing and other products towards the creation of new music.
Shaman Website
Shaman is taking its web presence to a higher level by launching a new website The new site combines wonderful Fashion, exciting new products and electro culture news and events direction connected with our face book fan page, making Shaman your online base for electro psychedelic fashion culture news.
Shaman Electro Wear
By wearing Shaman clothing you feel good about yourself. You are not simply buying a fashion item, but joining the Shaman family, in its quest to create original healthy clothing and supporting electro arts.
We are a 21st Century company that refers to our family, friends and customers as the Shaman Family.
Always reaching for higher levels and pushing boundaries.
Unique creations for the free mind
Shaman in Plants we Trust
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