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A conspiracy theory is the idea that someone, or a group of someone’s, acts secretly, with the goal of achieving power, wealth, influence, or other benefit.
It can be as small as two petty thugs conspiring to stick up a liquor store, or as big as a group of revolutionaries conspiring to take over their country's government. A conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain a perceived real-world occurrence through the actions of a secretive, usually evil and very selfish group.
Not all conspiracy theories are wrong, but if the theory requires greater suspension of disbelief than random chance would to explain the occurrence, it should be examined sceptically. Conspiracies manifest themselves across the political spectrum.
Most of the theories in the list below are crackpot, but a few, sadly, are reasonable and a couple are almost certainly true.
Today we will reveal some of them. Believe it or not..
Your paranoid Chief Editors.
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