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Editorial 2nd Edition

Today we present you the second edition of our new and unique media project - Sunday Freak magazine. Lazy lazy day. Just perfect to make your morning cup of coffee and wherever you are on the planet, connect to the net and enjoy to read the news you want to hear and the information you need to have.
First edition had a great feedback from all over the planet, and we got some collaboration suggestions we accepted with the pleasure.
So this edition will include already 7 pages, each of it dedicated to particular sector. We have added a Freakscience - where you will be informed about different anti and non scientific facts from our special researches.
And as the voice from Outer World we have now Akida Promo special info blog, where he will let you know about the biggest and the best international trance gatherings and other news from the Main Land.
We wish you pleasant reading and remember- we are working for you.
We are the voice of your Goa. Chief Editor.
On behalf of Goa-freaks.com crew we wish you all great Christmas celebration week. Stay well, do not exaggerate your health possibilities.
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