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This is a place for partylovers - you can check weekly for our top recommended and supported events. Enjoy your stay in Goa as much as you can. We remind you that the Drugs and Alchohol are not good for you. Think about it.


GREAT NEWS FOR ALL TRANCE PARTY PEOPLE. By the massive efforts of few well known people from Goa psy Tribe tomorrow for all of you the expancive dream will become a killer Goa party.
We are talking about the special after party for all of us on Jungle Stage of Suburn Festival- one of the most amazing trance stages ever and for sure the most spectacular view from the top of Vagator hills.
Now we can say, that our support of Jungle Stage got now the carmic payback and all freaks can enjoy the sunset, killer setup and superline up.

The plan is to go till the morning. Check for more info in Goa Daily News tomorrow morning.


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