Editorial 3rd Edition

Today we decided to make a special New Year present for all our readers and dedicate this edition to the most beautiful part of our culture - the visual and visionary art and those who is making our life in psychedelic world brighter and naturally hallucinative. Trance music is closely tight with psychedelic art and we can not imagine any proper party , even a flyer without the presence of of this genius artists.
And I do not even mention thousands of psy-party people all around the world tripped their head out watching their paintings as a movies. Please take your time and dive deep into the mystic and magical World of your creative part of the brain. Enjoy you reading and Happy New Year for all of you!!!
Important information- we are planning to create the Third World on Russian Xmas Fest 2014 - Luke Brown World- the personal gallery of this fantastic artist with some of the most famous original masterpieces. Get ready. Some of them will be for sale, so do not loose your chance, and check for updates - Chief Editor
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