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Editorial 4th Edition

Honestly, it was a very hard edition. In between of New Year celebration ( and we really CELEBRATED IT ..with all this after after parties stories, hangovers, sleeping ) and preparation of Goa-freaks.com first season event- Russian Xmas Fest, which starts tonight in Goa, I had to collect and digest with my tired and lazy brain all this Gb of the information, surf hundreds of the and now I have to write this editorial.

My gosh, it is really to much! What should I say if I feel myself someone between Robocop ( in the very end of the movie) and Batman who has to save psy World.

You know what? I think I ll do like this: I will make a break till the next week, and I promise I will write huge editorial with all this bla bla bla and tra ta ta. And today I will make a deep breath and start to collect myself to go to Westend - the massive preparations are going on. The deco and whole setup is amazing, place will be full ready soon and I want to remind you that you really MUST see the main present we have prepared for you - Conceptual Psychedelic Multimedia Performance by Daydreamer Lab that will happen on the second night at 00.00 till 3.00 For now, that's all, Freaks.

See you on the dance floor tonight. Chief Editor

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