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Editorial 6th Edition

Today we dedicate Sunday Freak e-Magazine to our second homeland.
Goa - the most magical place on Earth, true Heaven on Earth sometimes ago was called Hippies Paradise. year by year it transformed into the Dance Capital and became Heart of Psychedelic trance.

This issue is a tribute to the people who founded Goa as our destination, the pioneers of EDM music and first Goa Trance parties, to first and last hippies of Arambol, to those, whose deeds and energy we can feel till nowadays. We hope some of the articles will touch you deep inside.
Please publish your feedback on official Goa-Freaks.Com Facebook Page- www.facebook.com/GoaFreaksCom

If you like the photos we used in this edition,  for full album view, CLICK HERE

If you want to make your reading more atmospheric and nostalgic, please open in a new window our wide selection of original Goa Trance tunes- CLICK HERE. Chief Editor
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