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Editorial 9th Edition

Psychedelia is characterized by a greater amount of freedom a. Psychedelia allows to be able to converse with friends, walk around in nature, write, read, draw, dance, watch a movie and perhaps also to put yourself in a long and breathtaking spiritual trip.
Psychedelics act as consciousness fermenting agents, as a kind of magnifying/diminishing/distorting glass which transforms colors, sounds, thoughts, ideas, smells, emotions and what not, and which is used to gain a new perspective on the external and internal world to create an immense variety of experiences. To feel new ways of consciousness development and inner freedom.
One of the implications of the continued growth of psychedelic culture is that the community is becoming, with the help of the internet, more organised and more cohesive. Furthermore, now we have meeting spaces, with their own rituals, traditions, codes and conventions. And we have a very strong sense of this community - people care for one another and help one another to have an enjoyable time, there is a sense of shared purpose and unity that is enjoyed by many when the psychedelic community meet.
Some might say “this isn't spirituality, it is just hedonism’. Furthermore, who is to say that spirituality cannot be fun? Mystical texts from all world religions, including the bible, speak of ecstatic and joyous experiences that are encountered on the spiritual path.
So let's follow the advices from deep past and live you life in Spiritual Joyful Freedom.
Chief Editor


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